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Well hello there its Kay here, a 20 year old student from England. I love all things awesome and badass. It’s just an unpredictable blog by an unpredictable girl so feel free to follow me at your own risk: P

▸  ねぇ。。。 笑ってよ、 もう泣かないで // Ain't Afraid to Die by Dir en Grey

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Happy new years. Dr nemunemu’s corner has began again. Last year we toured North America. Overseas concert halls are different from those in Japan and each are unique and cool so I took photos of all the venues. And also since the kind of paper this is printed on has changed so photos look nicer I want to show you my photos and look back on the North America tour.

*Photos of the concert venues*

Moving on, this is a photo I took on 5th avenue in New York because strangely there were no cars on the street so I could stand on it.

*Photo of Shinya standing in the middle of 5th avenue*

This is a photo of Niagara falls. I got up early before our performance in Toronto and took something like a sightseeing bus there so it took 2 hours one way. I had such little time that I could only spend around 15 minutes actually at the falls.

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(Bolded words are what Die wrote in English)

Looking around, I’m in the sky. I’m heading to Sydney from Narita.

This time, while watching 謝罪の王様 (king of gomennasai) I’ve drunk two bottles of super dry and 3…4… MANY glasses of wine. And the cabin attendant asked me “How about some cheese to go with your wine?”. It’s dangerous to bring so much cheese to me! I’ll eat it all. Even though I’d just had a meal. Did the Cabin attendant know that the majority of my body is made up of cheese?

But this movie is really funny. I laughed a lot. Quite a lot. It’s a good movie to watch while flying … ah … That’s not a compliment is it.

This movie and the alcohol course. Continuing my recent flying habits. GOOD!!

Hey! I told you to look at the camera!

*Photo of Die and a kangaroo looking away*

Since I am here, right?

*Photo of Die holding a koala*

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Surrendering oneself to the melody




Intro from the interview with Kyo from Ongaku to Hito - May Issue

Speaking honestly, I definitely did not expect that. At any rate he was always working with the same band members and the same band for almost 20 years. I wasn’t assuming that a suddenly started band…

Is kyo referring to himself in the third person now?

No, this is written by a person that interviewed Kyo…

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learning all the words to a song where the singer sings really fast so you can sing along at the same speed is honestly the most satisfying thing


and if you’re really hardcore



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college kids going home for break

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